Real Estate Apps for Mobile Devices

During the initial internet days, web developers sought real estate to be the only market that would get benefit from websites. Collection of services were the first web lists for these sites. It increased into dedicated indices and later into indices that are searchable. Craigslist became a complete and compact service idea for that matter.

Those initial sites were advantageous in many ways because one could view them from neighbourhoods way farther from the feature houses. To be able to find houses that are near to an address contrary to other houses that match specific keywords is effective and encourages purchases and leads to customer satisfaction.

It is important to know that many applications are not for individual use. Most of those popular applications are designed for the use of agents, real estate brokers and other developers.

BiggerPockets is a utility app for investors and one of the best tools for those who are looking for investment opportunities in properties.

Home Mortgage Calculator
This app for iOS users only where those who are planing on buying a house can easily calculate the mortgage on that house. All the buyer has to do is enter the details of the deal and the calculator will yield exact amount of mortgage payment the buyer will have to pay during the course of time given that he/she accepts the deal.

Craigslist enjoys the title of being the earliest internet apps and thus, it can be used to enjoy its mapping services and communication utilities. It can be used by both buyer and renter.

For a product to sale itself, it is necessary that it looks appealing. With the help of Pro HDR, agents and brokers can photograph their products aesthetically to give it an attractive look. This is a user friendly tool which can be used by anyone.

MiD Calculator
Just as home mortgage calculator, this utility calculates the interest on mortgage and the deductions given any financial detail. It was designed by National Associated of Realtors to estimate costs incurred in deals.

IREM Comps
Again, an iOS designed app, it compares information of three different properties and decide a rent for the focus property on a market competitive rate. The user can also send the information in the the form of spreadsheet to others so they could analyse it.

Over the time, with a growing use of mobile phones and tablet computers, more real estate applications are going to be designed which will become popular among the said parties.

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