Mosquitoes:What diseases you can suffer if precautions not taken

Mosquitoes are known mostly for the uncomfortable sound they make, as well as the diseases they spread. People really feel annoyed listening to that buzz continuously. This doesn’t end here mosquitoes can cause some diseases in human beings that can harm them to a larger extent.

Children and some adults are easily affected by these diseases spread by the mosquitoes, but now these are harming some strong adults as well. These diseases are furthermore responsible for toxicity and damage to the immune system. Mosquitoes are sometimes underestimated but everyone needs to be cautious about them.

Some elements are considered regarding taking care from mosquitoes amd the diseases caused by them. People have different ways of keeping their homes clean and garbage free. You also need to clean your home and all its corners with some effective antibacterial washing liquids, and wash away all the water and dry the surface.

But if someone is not so careful and cautious about such things, then there chances for you amd your family to suffer following diseases:


Dengue is one of the most damaging disease caused by the mosquitoes. The type of mosquitoes responsible for such disease are Anopheles. Some of the symptoms and signs of such fever are observable if someone is suffering through, fever, joint pain, head aches, skin rash, and the last and most severe is the dreaded dengue fever, which further leads to bleeding.

It can also cause low platelets count and blood plasma leakage. These are no doubt one of the most deadliest situations one can suffer through. Therefore, in order to be protected from such kind of infections, one need to go through rehydration, intravenous of fluids etc.

West Nile Virus

Here you can understand how harmful classified flavivirus is. It is considered that the affects are only limited to the west nile, which is not true, a little bit affect can be seen in all over the world. The period of this this disease that sufferers have to go through has range from 2 to 15 days.

The symptoms can be explicitly observed through the signs of, fever, headache, fatigue, muscles pain, nausea, anorexia, vomiting etc. The level of being severe of this situation is only 1% and this is the only plus point about that.

This situation is the reason that can lead to a variety nervous system problems such as, encephalitis, meningitis, and poliomyelitis. The best possible way to stay away from diving into such situation is the mosquito control and proper care.


Along with the above mentioned disease, malaria is also something that can show you stars in the daylight. Human blood is the feeding source of such parasite. Similarly, the symptoms have variety from a chills, fever, flu-like illness to jaundice and anemia. It is according to the studies that most of the casualties caused by malaria are the kids in developing countries.

However, in some cases it can harm adults and the damage can lead to death as well. Hence, one case is also preventable while other is deadly.

Hence, it would be a better prevention for you to stay away from mosquito filled area and use some anti-mosquito sprays in your homes. There is no effectiveness of vaccines, as these parasites don’t remain at a single place and adapt themselves according to the surface.

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