Millennials! Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

Being a millennial, you’re always in a rush. With so much on your plate already, you can’t make room for cooking. Besides, who needs to cook when there are takeouts and ready-to-cook food available.

However, are you sure about that restaurant you’re eating from? Is the food there healthy? Well, it’s not!

One of the reasons is that Fruits and vegetables have become scarce. They’re the source of mineral, vitamins and fibre. Vegetables are one of the healthiest food items and cure digestion problems naturally.

Second, you never know what and how the food is being cooked behind the closed kitchen. They could be cooking food in trans-unsaturated fatty acids, or the meat could be old and ingredients questionable. According to estimates of Centre for Disease Control, one in every six people gets food poisoning yearly. This happens because of unhealthy food or people mishandling the food.

In this scenario, what you ought to do? Either put so much time in searching for healthy takeouts or learn a thing or two about basic cooking. You need to begin by understanding nutrition. Our body requires proteins e.g. meat, dairy, eggs, starches e.g. grains, corn, seeds, fruits and vegetables e.g. green leafy veggies and fats that are good e.g. coconut, butter, etc. Choose one food from every group for your daily meals especially fruits and vegetables because they have more water content.

You can now make a meal. For breakfast, eat eggs: scrambled or fried or omelet as per your mood and choice. If you don’t feel like eating eggs, have yogurt or fruits or nuts. Make cheese sandwiches or boil eggs if you’re on the go. This shall fulfill your protein and oil requirement.

Furthermore, count your starches. Make sure you’re taking empty calories because they increase chances of diabetes and add up fat. Better take whole grains, beans etc.

You can eat raw fruits and vegetables or fresh fruit juices instead of tetra packed ones available at retail stores.

For lunch, avoid commercially fried or cooked meat. It’s better to get whole cooked chicken from grocery stores. You can also eat fruits or vegetables with hummus or dip sauce.

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