Hair Wigs and Myths

People have fabricated many myths about wigs because of ignorance. Here are some of the myths:

* wigs are all same- this myth is a far cry from the truth. Wigs come in different types the popular ones are synthetic and those made from real human hair. The latter are the long lasting ones and look great. However, synthetic wigs are also quality wigs. If you choose real human hair wig, make sure to buy a quality one. Take care of the unit and wash it with hair product.
* Wigs fall off- people are afraid of wigs falling of in public and with it the feeling of embarrassment. This is not the case. You can prevent it by purchasing a wig of right size. If you’re still afraid, you can use hair accessories like wig clips or tapes to hold the unit at place.
* Wigs inhibit natural hair growth- wigs have nothing to do with hair growth. If your veins carry blood, your growth will continue. Although, for bald people it’s different. You have to put your wig off at night to let your hair breathe. Wash your hair with high quality hair product.
* People can tell when you’re wearing a wig- of course, it’s possible but only when you use a cheap unit that is not of your size. There are many wigs with great quality. Buy those and make sure they fit you and match your skin.

To sum it up, don’t pay heed to the myths and overlook facts. Buy the wig from good stores and flaunt!

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