Benefits of Flax Seeds

Want to eat healthy? Include flax seeds into your diet plan. Flax seeds are the superfood containing omega-3 fatty acids. These are actually powerful plant foods. Flax seeds are healthy as well as beneficial. Few of the benefits of eating flax seeds are: reduction in rate of heart diseases, blood pressure problems, reduction in rate of stroke and cancer and diabetes.

Flax seeds also contain fibre, zinc, iron, vitamin E and calcium and have lower fat saturation. Flax seeds are known to be first ever cultivated food and have been consumed since long.

As flax seeds are powerhouse of fibre, single tablespoon comprises of approximately 8 grams of fibre which helps combat constipation. Most of the people do not receive sufficient fibre through their diet. Add flax seeds for that purpose.

This means that flax seeds improve your digestive system. Furthermore, if you’re a sweet tooth but have diabetes, flax seeds will help you in reducing sugar craving as well as reduction in cholesterol. It’s not just skin! Intake of flax seeds also clears your skin and helps you in losing weight.

Below are the 6 benefits of flax seeds simplified:

* They are fibrous seeds with low carbs which helps in reduction of sugar cravings plus fat.
* They’re enriched with essential fats and vitamin B which helps combat dry skin and acne. Add 2 tablespoons of these seeds into your morning cereal to improve health of your skin, hair and nails.
* Obesity is an increasing problem these days. You want to reduce weight? Eat flax seeds because they contain fibre and healthy fats. A small proportion of flax seeds satiates you resulting in lower calories intake. Just add ground flax seeds to your salad or soup and watch it do the magic!
* People dealing with cholesterol problems should add flax seeds in their diet plan.
* Due to presence of antioxidants, flax seeds help combat diabetes.
* If you have constipation issues, flax seeds are the answer to your problem.

You can add flax seeds in your morning food or cereal e.g. oatmeal, pancake, smoothie, yogurt etc. Just what you not you can do with flax seeds!

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