Perfect Natural Makeup Look in 6 Easy Steps

These days, you don’t have to cake yourself into tons of cake. Instead, all you need is a natural makeup look. That’s right! Now we are all about perfect natural look. Of course, one cannot always have time to spend hours after hours blending that natural look. So here’s how you can get a perfect natural look with minimal effort.
1. Start with a moisturiser: the best and free of cost moisturiser for your skin is water (yes!). Your skin needs to stay hydrated. Plus, you could use an oil free moisturiser for your skin. Why is it important? To keep your skin healthy and keep the makeup intact.
2. Apply concealer: as the name suggests, a concealer conceals any dark spots on your skin as well as dark circles around your eyes. It evens your skin. Apply it over the edges of the eye all the way down your eyes.
3. Use a foundation: after the concealer, the foundation works as a base for the rest of the makeup. Apply light layer of it. Get a foundation that suits your skin complexion and do not overdo it. You can also use BB cream on the place of foundation. It is basically moisturiser, foundation and a sunblock all three in one. BB cream can be used everyday too and are easy to use. Blend the cream or the foundation onto your skin so it absorbs it evenly.
4. Apply blush: the trick here is to keep the blush subtle. Use a natural rose tinted blush. Don’t overdo it or you might end up looking like a Japanese doll.
5. Apply eyeliner and mascara: this is the point where we all lose our calm. Just make sure you’re drawing a thin layer of eyeliner over your eyes. Use a smooth mascara with a single coating over your eyelashes.
6. Pick a nude lip colour: nude colours are a everyday lip colours. Pick any nude lipstick that suits your overall makeover and complexion. Do not use bright colours for routine outings.

And TADA! You’re good to go!

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