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List of healthy snacks for hunger strikes

If you are health conscious, you understand the daily challenges people with health concerns are confronted with. From cleanliness to eating healthy is your everyday motto. However, sometimes we do stray away from the path. But don’t worry! This article is going to help you pick the list of healthy snacks when you are out shopping.

Keep in mind that not everything in this list will match your taste. If that’s the case, you can always switch them with snacks of your own choice.
People mistake nuts to be kind of snack that increases your weight. It’s not the case. Nuts contain omega 3 fatty acids and it has many benefits. These fatty acids protect you against heart problems. Eating handful of nuts everyday will fulfill your appetite as well as it’s healthy. However, make sure you do not overeat them.

Dry Fruits
Although, dried fruit doesn’t not have amount of water content as much as any fresh fruit, these are still fulfilling. They are healthy and long lasting. Dates, apricots and raisins are the healthy snacks. They have lower level of calories and no fat.

Fresh Fruits
Fruits are the blessings from God! They contain low calories, almost zero fat and are full of nutrition. You can only gain sixty calories by eating an apple and feel satiated. They’re not only healthy, they taste great too.

Frozen Fruit Popsicles
There are many popsicles and bar made completely from real fruit without any preservatives or chemical. They have no fat because they are prepared out of real fruit and you can find them in different flavours ranging from mango to strawberry to kiwi etc.

Soups is an appetiser served as family bowl as well as single serving cup. A single serving cup with sodium of four hundred and eighty milligrams is the right amount which is healthy and can fill your appetite.

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