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Pneumonia, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The winter season is starting. The risk of pneumonia is high this season. The severity of the disease starts in the ribs. The baby cannot breathe, because all his energy is just breathing.

Fever is also occurring. Lungs are also affected by the lack of oxygen. If the brain does not have oxygen, it can also damage the brain.

Poverty and nutrition are closely linked to children’s lives, he says. The child cannot detect anything in pneumonia. The body needs energy. So the energy in the body starts to become more used. Despite recovering from this illness, it takes about a week for the baby to starve.

During this time, the children become very weak. After the treatment of pneumonia, the baby should be given a higher and better dose than before. Yellow color nutrients and green vegetables such as greens should be given more. Eat foods that contain vitamin A. Vitamin A Provides Immunity to Infection It is wrong to think that children should not be fed with illness.

Keep feeding your child something. The food should not be stopped.

The immunization rate in Pakistan is extremely low. In rural areas, this rate is extremely low. In the remote areas of Sindh and Baluchistan, the vaccination rate remains at only 16 percent, though there are also basic health units (BHUs) and affiliated hospitals in rural areas where the vaccines can be administered free of charge to children.


But illiteracy is also involved. Parents do not know why they think they should be vaccinated when the baby is not sick. There are many misconceptions that the baby does not need to be vaccinated against cough or that the child becomes ill with the vaccine. However, this is wrong. In the first 6, 10 or 14 weeks after the baby is born, the vaccine (pentavilin), which causes it, causes fever and pain. For which fever medicine is also given and the pain is greater than the cold cloth can be skated.

People should not smoke near their children, smoke will affect their lungs, which can harm them. Mothers do not allow children to come to places where there is smoke, especially in the kitchen, etc. where they are cooking on wood. The sample vaccine is available in 73 countries (GAVI). Pakistan is also included in these countries. Gradually, countries will also add their share to the cost of the vaccine.

In Pakistan, the vaccine is administered to 3 million children. Worth $ 84 million. Until now, 3 fatal illnesses were vaccinated. From now December, the tenth vaccine “rotavirus” is also being introduced.

“The problem is, not all countries have the same progress,” says Lee Louie, author of the research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Which means, there are many countries where the mortality rate is very high.

“The author added,” Under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa and South Asia, progress is needed to achieve the goal of child survival. Researchers have suggested improving the water and drainage system along with breastfeeding, pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea vaccination to reduce infant mortality.

They say that poverty, lack of food, crowded housing and environmental pollution are among the major causes of the disease.

Who are the easiest victims of pneumonia?

People with pneumonia can be people of all ages. But young children and many elderly people can go to death because of it. People who already have a disease, such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease, if they have pneumonia, this is a serious threat to them.

People with weak immune systems may also die from pneumonia.

What are the symptoms?

Here are the symptoms of pneumonia, which you need to see immediately if you see a doctor. Mucus cough, high fever, difficulty breathing, chest pain, excessive sweating, stomach or abdominal cramps, hearing loss of appetite, loss of appetite, cough or swallowing of mucus, Feeling overwhelmed, mentally, physically, and emotionally distressed.

What is the treatment?

Specialists for the treatment of pneumonia recommend a course of health antibiotics, which is rarely necessary. Even if the patient’s condition improves during the course, the course may still be left intact.

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