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Mental Stress, a Serious Global Problem

One of the surprising things about mental or mental stress is that if one considers that mental distress or stress can only be applied to poor people in poorer countries, about 50% of US citizens currently experience moderate to severe stress.

If you think of the problems of mental strain globally, it is estimated that there are some 50 million people with mental illness at this time in the world. Surveys conducted in Pakistan are also disturbing because of stress. Pakistan Psychiatric Society says that psychological and mental disorders are constantly increasing in the country. Society statistics show that 33% of people in Pakistan suffer from mental distress and depression, 4% people with depression and 3% with unconscious fear.

Not only that, but it is estimated that as life progresses, the chances of depression will increase.

The World Health Organization report on mental stress shows that 10 to 20 percent of young people around the world suffer from various mental disorders. People who fall into the age group of 20 to 40 are more likely to develop depression (which can lead to depression later).

The World Health Organization says that due to stress and other mental disorders, around 8 million people around the world lose their lives through suicide each year. The most striking aspect of these statistics is that suicide is the leading cause of adolescents While 79% of total suicides occur in third world countries.

Types of Mental Stress

According to experts, not every strain is harmful. There may be some mental stress. Which will make you vibrant with cheap, slothful and effortless lives. This tension can be helpful and helpful in giving you more work and more work. Not only this, the stress level for each individual is different depending on the individual.

It may be that one thing that is causing you mental stress is something of the same nature and intensity that is normal for someone else. However, whenever a person experiences stress, then each person’s body reacts to the same stress. Mental stress can result in changes in the nervous system, hormones, respiratory and blood vessels, leading to rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, sweating and so on.

Together, it also provides a wave of physical energy. It is called the body’s fight or flight response, it is a chemical reaction, which in turn prepares it for a physiological response. Because he thinks he is under attack.

Positive stress

There is some mental tension, which is temporary and temporary, that you do not need to worry about.

This is when you are given the responsibility of a major project by your organization. Or at first you have to give a public notice. So you feel a sore throat and sweat on the palms. This is a positive mental strain, which actually helps to perform better.

Negative stress

In a society like Pakistan, when reports suggest that every third person here suffers from mental stress, it is negative stress.

Negative emotions are extremely stressful, they include anxiety, anger, fear, or mood swings all the time. This kind of stress is not good and can cause serious problems on the long term.

The effects of mental stress

If a person is constantly suffering from mental stress. So they can suffer from headaches, heart diseases as well as skin diseases like hypertension, asthma, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems and joint pain.

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