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What Are Platelets?


Nowadays everyone is asking the question, what are blood platelets? What diseases other than dengue do they have? Which of these levels is dangerous? Do platelets once again fall back to normal? Which illnesses have low platelet counts and whether there is any cure?

In addition to the red and white cells in the blood, there are also platelets. The word platelets is actually derived from the plate. They play the role of a policeman in the body. When a cut appears on any part of the body. The blood begins to drain. These blood vessels come to this place and accumulate like a plate. Sends signals to the brain that more platelets can come in and prevent them from bleeding.

If your Platelets Are High

According to clinicians, human blood is accumulated in the brain due to the absence or extreme reduction of platelets, which can lead to many complications and possibly start to come out of the body and they may be lacking. According to experts, the number of platelets in a healthy human body varies from 1.5 million to 1.5 million, and the bone marrow is formed automatically as needed.

Some experts believe that if the number of platelets in a person goes up to 25 thousand or sometimes even 10,000, then it is not a problem. However, if their number starts to be less than 10,000 then the risk of blood withdrawal from the human body. And the nose can start bleeding.

Is low platelet count serious?

Deficiency of platelets can also lead to the spread of certain infections, kidney disease, impairment of the body’s immune system and the reactivation of drugs, and may also lead to significant weakness in humans. We have to perform a blood test called ‘Complete Blood Count’ (CBC), which ranges. The number of platelets I get is known, but this test also helps to detect the red and white particles in human blood, as well as other particles.

Experts say the number of platelets may be reduced due to a number of diseases, and such diseases include ‘dengue’ fever. Dangerous diseases of the blood can also cause blood platelets and blood platelets in leukemia. In addition, diseases in which the body’s immune system is reduced, such as AIDS, SLE and joint disease, platelets are also reduced.

What cause low platelets

Taking different types of medicines can also cause platelets to fall off. When platelets start to fall, they fall off even more. Strength from the body decreases immune function. Urinary tract infections worsen the condition. In addition to the viral, different types of bacteria also reduce platelets. One of the most popular reasons for platelets falling is ITP. Which means that the body’s immune system has been deactivated.

Due to which, their intake is gradually decreasing. The drug used in various types of cancer disease, epilepsy medicine and heparin also drops. When the platelets in the blood drop, the body becomes weak. Humans are down because of the loss of power. Severe weakness in the body, joint pain.


Bleeding starts from the mouth, gums and nose. The joints become swollen. Excessive bleeding can cause death due to shock. The reddish-brown spots appear. It looks like someone has been hit with a knife on the body. The cut feels like blood flowing from different parts of the body. If there is a slight socket on the body, the bleeding does not stop.

Blood tests for diagnosis of CBC, hepatitis B and C, total body acne. Bone marrow measures and PET scans are used to diagnose the disease. The disease also increases. Lack of vitamins 2 / B and B9 also reduces platelets. Platelets suddenly appear to be depleted. They are gradually decreasing, but until the disease becomes obese, it is not known. Subsequent diagnosis reveals the cause of this decline, but bleeding from different parts of the body indicates that the disease risk has increased significantly. Must consult a doctor and hospital immediately.

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