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Sleep Problems Late At Night


We all find solace in the night and its quietness. These quiet nights of winter, if you are reading a hot cup of coffee or soup and a magnetic book or novel, who wants to sleep and no one is around you. To tell you that you have not finished your work and do it. Most people enjoy this time of night. However, it is not a risk to stay awake late at night, but to stay awake late at night. Living habits are something everyone should be concerned about because waking up at night has some very serious health problems.

Who are being told about?

Sleep and wake cycle:

Humans have a sleep cycle designed by the Creator in such a way that our bodies need rest during Kurat and at night the whole process starts to slow down and during the day the body feels energized and vibrant. Changing this natural cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm. Not only do we damage the brain, which causes dizziness and sleep all the time, but it also adversely affects our physical health.

Black circles:

Have you noticed that you or someone you know has dark circles under their eyes? When they do not get enough sleep or sleep most of the day and watch TV at night. Yes this is why it happens. Being awake at night affects the physical health and it not only makes the eyes look heavy but also on the face.


Most people who have been awake late at night and slept most of the day have complained of constant headaches and this is mostly linked to their sleep patterns. When it needs sleep and when it needs to absorb the sun, forcing it to wake up and forcing the body to wake up certainly has its consequences.

Obesity and Fatigue:

Obesity is not usually linked to nighttime, but scientifically speaking, ‘waking up at night and eating’ cholesterol accumulates in the body and causes calories to burn, leaving people fat. Waking up early in the morning can warm your body somehow and that is why the body is healthy.

Slow head heat of the brain:

This is something that no one wants because the brain is the most powerful and most important part of any person’s body. But waking up for a long time slows down the mind and slows down the process of heat. Because of this, the mind starts to forget things easily and quickly, so in order to avoid all this, everyone should try to get to bed early and get up early in the morning.

Unfortunately many people lose this blessing. Some of those deprived are the ones who have deprived themselves of this precious blessing. For example, people who wake up overnight on Facebook, mobile or other unnecessary concerts. According to one study, the rays of an iPhone or screen affect the sleep system in the human brain. These are the rays after which a person’s sleep automatically flies off. After that, most people change their crotch overnight but do not get any sleep. If you have a routine and you sleep according to that routine, you will start to feel sleepy over time. But when you put yourself on a mobile, iPhone or laptop and computer screen, the sleep system becomes disoriented. There have been numerous research on sleep from European countries, but if we take guidance from the Holy book, Allah has already told us the benefits of sleep. Sleep is one of the basic blessings of a human being.

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