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Fast and Healthy Diet Solutions


When the grip of the disease is strong, the patient becomes weak. A good and digestive diet is needed to remedy this weakness. In addition, the nutritional needs of the patient cannot be ignored. The following are the dietary supplements of patients with various diseases:

Eye diseases

For those suffering from eye diseases, these foods are useful: rice, cucumber, goat broth, milk, butter, upper, tuna, tuna, gourd, carrots, cabbage, soybean seeds, arhar pulses, peanuts. , Chapatis, pomegranates, almonds and chillies.

Such patients are forbidden from eating sugary foods and red peppers, so patients should avoid these foods.

Dental and gum diseases

For those suffering from dental and gum diseases, these foods are beneficial: juicy fruits, salads, lemons, goat broth, peanuts, lentils, beets, tomatoes, apricots, spinach, eggs. And unleavened flour bread, etc.

Dental and gynecologic patients should avoid cold water, fibrous meat, high-fat foods, pans, umbrellas, toffee, chocolate and chewing gum.

Dying asthma

Asthma sufferers should eat nutritious and digestive foods, such as chicken or goat broth, fish, arhar lentils, peanut pulp, duck greens, beetroot, turmeric and papaya.

Asthma sufferers should eat dinner soon. Patients should not eat cool, crispy, fluffy, rich, and bad foods. They should also avoid smells, thunderstorms and smoke.

Gastrointestinal injury

For those who have gastric ulcer, diet should be taken with great care, such as rice, vegetable soup, milk, turmeric, fish, chicken broth, pumpkin, gourd, cucumber, cucumber and banana.

Such a patient should not stay empty stomach for long. Patients suffering from renal injury should not eat spicy, salty, hot, semolina, late digestion, evaporation and pepper spices. Sweet should be eaten less and no tobacco is used. It should be done. If the wound is absorbed by the stomach, inflammatory stomach or gastrointestinal tract, the digestive tract of gastric acid, including acids, should be lightened repeatedly, so that the acidity in the gastrointestinal tract is low.

For this, the diet of the day should be divided into several parts and such a diet should be digested. Nutritional, but not spicy. In this case, milk is the best diet. And butter and sugar should be eaten on sugar, eggs and double bread. Also, you should drink yogurt, fruit and fruit juice. In the afternoon it is useful to eat broth, non-fat meats, potatoes, rice, and spaghetti.

Dinner should be eaten with no fat, fish, poultry or bird meat, potatoes, cooked vegetables, buttered double bread, fruits and some sweets, milk and fruits. Patients with stomach and intestinal injuries must All kinds of peppermint foods should be avoided.

Disease jaundice

Patients with jaundice should eat digestive tract foods.

When the disease is reduced, eat chives, buttermilk or goat broth, vegetable soup, watercress with boiled lime water. Eat pumpkin, tuna and spinach in vegetables. Malta, seasonings, carrots, lucatas, yogurt, lemon syrups, sweet peas, grapes and pomegranates are useful.

Potatoes, coriander, mint or tamarind sauce, which is low in chilli, are beneficial for jaundice patients. Patients with jaundice should avoid grease, spices, ghee, meat and late digestive foods.

Intestinal diseases

In the intestinal tract therapeutics recommend mild and digestible foods, such as goat meat or chicken broth, pumpkin, thyme, apricots and tendon.

Patients diagnosed with intestinal diseases may also use unripe flour, chives, apricots, apricots, pears, grapes, mangoes or peaches. Eat various vegetables cooked in their salads. The mouth can also benefit from drinking one teaspoon of water. Patients with gastrointestinal diseases should avoid potatoes, gram pulses, peas, apricots, ground bread, halva, bathe, whole, large meat, tea and tobacco.

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