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Toothbrush Cleaning


Toothbrushes should be medium-sized, not too hard or too soft. Toothbrushes do not clog the particles from the outer surface of the tooth (Bacterial Plaque), the gummy discharge disappears. And the opportunity to nourish the germs. Not used. Toothbrush with toothbrush is also common nowadays. Toothpaste is not a kind of medicine but is a means of dental hygiene, which is described in detail as it has three types of ingredients:

  • Soup substance
  • Substantial substance
  • Antibiotic medicines

It is best to change the toothpaste every month so that the tongue cells that are flavored and produce more saliva do not become accustomed to the taste. Toothpaste is good for producing more foam and containing fluoride salts.

Electric Toothbrush: In the world of science, electric mouth brushes have been invented for mouth cleaning today. And they also help in cleaning teeth. It is like a shaving machine. Started

How to Brush Mouth:

Lower the upper jaw with the brush moving. Lower the jaw to the bottom. It should be brushed inside and out as well. It should be remembered that toothbrush is not the last means of cleaning. But after moth brush, it is important to use moth packs and moth thread as well because the particles of food in the middle of the teeth. Foodborne particles are the cause of the disease. And the purpose of brushing is to remove the particles. The baby’s toothbrush should be small and the toothbrush should be removed from childhood.

Brushes require some kind of toothpaste. The rubbing of the empty brush does not clean the teeth properly. Toothpaste are available in different names and different packings in the market today.

In the use of antigen, most people use the right hand finger rather than the brush. Manjan should always be used well. There are two or three formulas offered.

Use them.


2) Mix four parts of fine powder with coarse powder and fine cloth with fine cloth, salt crushed and sewed in two parts. The mixture is very cheap and very good.

2- If there is a toothache, toothache, or cold water in the teeth, use the following antibiotics in the morning and at night.

Teeth need to be clean and strong. Solid strong and clean teeth can be easily glued and finely fed to the stomach. If the teeth are weak, this process will not be successful. For digestion of the body, there will be a diet that is not properly chewed, in which case there will be a heavy burden on the stomach and after some time the stomach will not function properly. Tip: All items we grind a coat of weight and make it safe 15 minutes after applying the teeth to the teeth.

Ear and Eye Beauty:

Wearing heavy ornaments in the ears keeps their beauty going. They are known to look great. To wear light jewelry in the ears, you have to drill dozens of holes in the ears to wear a good hairdresser. Makes it ugly, a hole in one ear is enough; in the ears, sometimes almonds should be rubbed with oil or bitter oil, so that the curtains in the ears are moist and moist, to some extent deafness.

Oil is also useful for refreshing the brain and for the eyesight. After bathing, the ears should also be thoroughly cleaned. If there is excess inside the ear, clean the ear with a dispenser.

If the ears are flowing then putting the cucumber beans in the ear will stop them from flowing. Heating the radish leaves also helps in squeezing the ears.

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