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Why do you get colds in the winter?


Cough, colds, and flu are related to this group of diseases, which are common in winter. The symptoms of these are more exacerbated, the value they all have is that they have upper respiratory tract. Namely the nose, ear and throat etc. Since all of these have never happened to us, they can be easily identified, before they can be corrected before they know the correct cause.

It is usually of no use for mucus, blood and urine tests to diagnose them, though this practice is very good. It is good to know that they have no distressing effects, once human is healthy. On the go, I don’t even remember if they ever were.

Why do you get colds in the winter?

Since their cause is uncertain, their ultimate cure is neither known nor is there any specific method for them.

Most of these problems are caused by a virus, which is a very small worm, which cannot be seen even by ordinary microscopes. Despite the most critical alphabets and sensitive tests, only less than half of the patients are diagnosed with the pest, which causes the disease.


Common complaints of these diseases include sneezing, nasal congestion and sometimes nasal congestion, inflammatory throat, cough, cough, fever, and common symptoms.

The cause of these symptoms is inflammation and edema of the floor, which is embedded in the upper respiratory climates, nose, ear and throat, etc. Whether or not these disorders are cured, they will cure you within seven to eight days. Humans, of course, do not have complications due to underlying weakness or other co-occurring diseases, so those who have chronic heart or lung problems or are more sick due to frost and they are young children and Indifferent individuals who appear to be vulnerable are more prone to these diseases.

Since most people have these cures for you, the American view is somewhat correct that if the cold is cured, it will cure within a week, if not seven. The disease is increasing day by day.

One member of this group of diseases is influenza, influenza with no meaning. There is no clear difference in the symptoms of influenza and common nasal congestion.

What viral diseases are common in winter?

Since it is also caused by a virus, it affects the soft membranes of the nose and throat. The risk of influenza is high when it comes in the form of an outbreak, especially when it is a global epidemic. The outbreak is not as fatal as it used to be in the past, but the outbreak certainly affects the population, and at the same time, the greater part of the country becomes worse, leading to far-reaching medical, economic and other missiles are created.

Why is influenza seasonal

Influenza outbreaks have been pouring in from the earliest history. About thirty major global outbreaks have occurred in the last four hundred years. Influenza outbreaks occur three years later and cause humanitarian conflicts and financial losses. The influenza virus was discovered in 1933. There are now three types: A, B, C, which is the most common and responsible for all global outbreaks.

B and C are respectively low in their severity. Once the outbreak becomes flu, the force against the flu lasts for two to three years in all local populations. Each person also has an individual resistance to the flu, so many there are people who have never had the flu, and those who are infrequent.

The onset of these types of diseases is the early winter, which occurs in the first children then in the adult households.

What virus causes seasonal flu?

In addition to the epidemic, it is difficult for the physician to distinguish flu and flu, and it does not matter, although there are some indications that influenza should be suspected, since the influenza is sudden and sometimes So that moment can be told when the discomfort began. The influenza has a limb amputation, sarcomere pain, vomiting and pain in the back of the eyes, the cough is dry and restless. I have white foamy mucus.

Sweating can cause the clothes to become alcoholic. The main thing about influenza is the subsequent depression and severe symptoms. Sometimes, the disease recovers after an apparent outbreak.

These diseases, which come in the form of colds and flu, are usually harmless and will cure you within a certain period of time, so the advice is to treat them with mild and minor medications, there are problems, and they can be solved differently. Medical advice is useful for acne pain, fever, cough syrup, nasal and nasal drops and semi-hot drinks.

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