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Also try the little green cardamom

One of my acquaintances is a very good and sincere man. Whenever I meet him, he smiles at me, puts his hand in his pocket, pulls out a little green cardamom, and hands it to my palm and hands it warmly. And sometimes they do it. Sometimes they even do it out of the pocket immediately and say, “Open your mouth, and as  I open my mouth, they put cardamom in my mouth.”

I have a very pleasant temperament and laughter, high-quality hospitality, are very friendly and humane.

Why people eat cardamom every time

One time he asked them, “Brother, why do you have cardamom all the time?” He said, “Listen to an incident in this context, and then you will understand everything.”

He went on to say that I once went to Egypt. I was sitting at the Cairo airport.

The hotel I was staying at had a conversation with my administration, and one of their men had to come to the airport to pick me up. It was late to come. An Egyptian came and sat next to me. He greeted me as he sat down and then smiled, put a hand in his pocket and pulled out small green cardamom, gave it to me and immediately told me in Arabic to eat it.

Does cardamom reduce acidity?

Since I come from Egyptian Arabic, I asked him why you gave me this cardamom. He said that eating small cardamom makes my mouth fragrant and that no gum disease comes close. Blood clots, gums swallowed, blisters, or sores in the mouth, eating small cardamom eliminates all these diseases. The smoker said that due to smoking too much, I started having problems in my mouth.

What does cardamom do to your body?

I showed it to a qualified therapist. After a thorough examination of my mouth, he told me that my mouth had developed symptoms of headaches and that I would soon be suffering from mouth cancer. He also told me that my tongue Part of me would have to go through a jar. I was terrified and upset to hear this. I quit smoking. One day I did not know what the problem was in my heart. Buy small green cardamom in good quantities from one store and start sucking two to three cardamom daily.

My heart was very upset, and in this condition, I was sucking cigarettes instead of cigarettes for a few weeks. Eventually, my mouth aches, and I started feeling much healthier than before.

What therapist were you treating, and what medication was he giving you?

I told the therapist, “Sir, I have been sucking small green cardamom daily only for a few weeks. It was just my medicine, which benefited me greatly. Besides, I did not receive any treatment. I didn’t believe things.

He told me to wait a few minutes, and I talked to you. After saying this, he turned to his computer and kept working on the computer for a long time. Then he turned to me and told me that I was a little on the internet. I have noticed at the green cardamom investigations, and I am very surprised to read that the little cardamom helps to eliminate mouth, nose, and tongue tone.

Benefits of cardamom

In addition, cardamom brightens the mind, sharpens eyesight, strengthens memory, and prevents the acceleration of old age. A person who eats cardamom daily will have more children and will be safe from gastrointestinal and hemorrhoid diseases. He was talking to a therapist, and I was listening in amazement. Then the therapist got up and patted my back and said, “You are very lucky that you survived the clutches of cancer.”

I thanked him and went home.

After that, I researched the little green cardamom and found out that it is a product rich in benefits. Benefit, so I started to give cardamom to others and started explaining its benefits.

This is the best cure for infectious diseases, but one thing we must be aware of is that if any of us is suffering from an illness and can be cured.

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