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Breast Cancer Is a Dangerous but Treatable Disease

Breast cancer is found who have any children and do not breastfeed even if they have children. WHO figures that by the end of the 21st century, at least two million women will die of cancer, of which 20% will be from India and Pakistan?

According to their statistics, women in the major cities of India, Pakistan, are facing breast cancer problem, from all over the word at least two million women will die from cancer. Twenty percent of them will be from India and Pakistan, while the same percentage is from the whole world.

Which is the most aggressive form of breast cancer:

Breast cancer is very common in women who do not have any children and do not breastfeed even if they have children. One positive thing with this horrible malady of the breast is that it can be diagnosed early on, but when the same type of cancer occurs in the lungs or liver, they are diagnosed very late.

And if the patient is given full and full attention after diagnosis, then it can be controlled. Likewise, if the breast tumor is detected in time, surgery can be treated with operation. But its successful treatment in the subcontinent seems like a golden dream.

One of the reasons for this is that we lack cooperation between experts in different fields. That is, between the radiologist and the pediatrician or the surgeons, or because there is no teamwork. There are problems with the treatment.

However, there may be several causes. For example.

  • Premature ejaculation, i.e. before the age of twelve years. The birth of children after the age of thirty or fifty years after the onset of menses (menstruation, which usually occurs between forty and fifty)
  • Enhancement of excessive and prolonged estrogen and progesterone.
  • Too much calories consumed – but little to no physical activity (exercise, etc.) to eliminate it.
  • Staying in a very light during the night
  • Use of harmful chemicals – such as Arcana Chlorine, Deodorants etc.

According to recent research in Poland, estrogen and progesterone are linked to the diet and energy of the texture that causes the cancer in the chest. The risk of breast cancer in women can be reduced by changing their lifestyle.

A report published in the British Medical Journal suggests that if women participate in more physical activity (exercise, etc.) and minimize the use of calories, the enhancement of sterogens and progesto rone will be minimal. And as a result, the chances of breast cancer becoming less and less.

Cancer researchers say that if the diet increases the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, the chances of developing breast cancer are reduced.

Diagnostic Techniques

A battle against cancer is underway. Surgeons who fight this battle are radiologists and pathologists. They have discovered many angles for the diagnosis of cancer. It is expected that today’s advanced methodology (digital mammography ‘sonic mammography and magnetic resonance imaging’) methods of MRI and biopsy. Inhalation of a needle through the breathing system, the Mamatone and Stero U Tactic System are very useful methods for the diagnosis of breast cancer. Mammography (check the X-ray of the breast after injection of a non-transparent factor). Mammography is ideal for diagnosing this disease. Like every X-ray, mammography also reduces radiation emissions.

Is breast cancer a serious disease?

At any stage of the age, mammography is the best way to diagnose breast cancer. Sometimes, even the greatest specialist and experienced surgeon or doctor cannot diagnose the disease correctly. But through this process, this diagnosis becomes clearer. Its performance is such that it also detects a small tumor in the chest. Even if it is only five centimeters in the tube. Mammography therefore favors other methods.

A patient with cancer in his chest. He never dies because of it. Rather, it dies when the cancer begins to spread to other parts of the body and the liver becomes infected with ‘lungs’, bones and bones.

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