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Ignoring thyroid Or Butterfly Gland Can Be Dangerous!

It is the most common gastrointestinal disease after diabetes and has never been correctly diagnosed. Jenny has always been a prominent figure in her society as a healthy, happy and caring woman. She had immense ability to work. At the same time, she was fulfilling her duties as a mother and wife. But when she reached the age of 37, things started to change.

She started to get tired all the time. Her days started to get longer and her duration increased. Not only that, but her ribs started to suffer and stretch. In addition to these worries, anxiety related to overweight and hair loss frightened Jenny. She approached her doctor. The doctor raised the hypo-thyroid concern and the blood test confirmed that concern.

Jenny’s thyroid was producing a small amount of hormone and was almost non-active. Then Jenny’s regular treatment started.

With regular treatment Jenny’s physical strength began to increase and she became normal. She lost extra weight and discomfort and stress disappeared simultaneously. Jenny was fortunate to have her disease diagnosed early. Some patients have been suffering from this disease for years, and having to go from one doctor to another does nothing.


This disease is very common in us. This is the most common disease after diabetes. Early symptoms are usually overlooked. Women are more prone to this disease than men.

Thyroid is a small butterfly gland, also commonly referred to as butter fly gland, which is found in the middle line of the gland and the middle part of the respiratory tract windpipe. The hormones remove iodine from the blood.

  • One (Thai Roxanne)
  • And the other (try-eyed exudate Ronan).

The function of these hormones is to regulate the production of energy in the body, keeping it balanced throughout its cells and in every organ of the body. It is a common cause of hypothyroidism in the diet, iodine deficiency. This is the main cause of hypothyroidism here.

In addition, 3-5% of women suffer from the disease after childbirth, but this condition is temporary. Some mothers also require hormone therapy. These diseases include radial imaging of the head and neck, such as X-ray or ultrasonic rays. Or laser mirror image arises from ‘viral fever’ hereditary complaints and some medicines. Whatever the reason ‘hypo-thyroidism immediately reduces the body’s energy.


Symptoms include fatigue complaints, ‘lack of attention’, loss of memory, swelling of the face and weight gain. The patient with the disease also has the strength to endure the cold and is more prone to minor cold weather. It starts to feel cold.

Other symptoms of a gradual impairment also appear: such as dry skin ‘hair fall’ weak nails ‘constipation and palpitations’ mild palpitations and signs of early menstrual symptoms in women. There are complaints of disorder and abuse in women who suffer from this disease and have to go through maternity problems, so they have double the prevalence rates of abortion and pre-maturity delivery, happens.

Thyroid are also the cause of depression and more than 20% of chronic depression disorders are caused by lack of thyroid hormones. Women with or without thyroid gland dysfunction are three times more likely than normal women. They suffer from depression. Fortunately they treat patients with depression. They are usually unaware of thyroid tests.


Information about the disease and advanced diagnosis is the key to treatment. Blood tests can easily diagnose the disease. Thyroid Stimulating Harmones, which exclude pituitary gland, indicate a highly sensitive hypo-thyroid. TSH levels are increased when these glands lose function. Blood tests to test two hormones (T3) and (T4). It is done. High-dose ratios reduce both levels. Treatment for hypothyroidism is ‘easy’, inexpensive and effective. Such drugs, which contain thyroid hormones, can overcome this.

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