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Protect Against Cancer through Vegetables

It is fun to eat colorful food on the plate. No matter how good the food is, it will lose its charm if its presentation is not done well. It is also a medical point of attraction for the birds,

Ignore it. When you cook vegetables, add only green or meat, then keep the handi red.

Nutritionists and doctors believe that baking vegetables can provide protection against many ailments.

Peas, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, beet root, bell peppers, green onions, coriander, mint and chopped cabbage all put in one pot, then the colors will come spring. Every nutrient that is sheltered, just need to consider.

Prepare these vegetables in steam and add pieces of fruit, then it will become a serious reaction.

Utilities and beauty will combine. This salad or lick plate will contain Phytochemicals, which carry extra hormonal system and antioxidant properties. They are neither vitamins nor minerals but these Plant. Based compounds play a role in cancer resistance. Cancer therapists around the world advise patients to use these colorful vegetables and fruits in combination (as an alternative treatment).

They think that every healthy person should increase their intake of fruits and vegetables by five or six parts of their diet, and should eat 400 to 600 grams daily if cancer is due. Phytochemicals are not available in stored diets. They are found in raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and Legumes.

Below we are proposing to fill the food plate with colorful nutrients that are good for health.

Green Vegetables:

Add this color to vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, green pepper, green onion. Glucosinolates are an important ingredient in this color, which protects or protects the chemical elements of cancer.

White and green color:

Garlic, onion and other vegetables that are white inclined. Useful against the heart, immune system and cancer.

Yellow inclined vegetables Yellow vegetables:

Foods that contain bright yellow or colored yoghurt, such as corn grains, saffron seeds, saffron, turmeric, avocado, a special ingredient in Rosemary

Zeaxanthin present in the eye, which protects the muscles and cells of the eye, and strengthens vision, as well as against cancer.

Orange Mile or Vegetables and Fruits:

Foods of this color contain slightly higher levels of flavonoids. They are good for our nervous system, immune system and eyes. They are also used to prevent nausea and cancer, such as carrots, apricots, peaches, Papaya, melon are its best source.

Vitamin C is found in all lemon fruits, carrots, potatoes, sugar cane, as well as beta-carotene.

They (fruits and vegetables) prevent cancer from spreading.

Red fruits and vegetables:

Everyone is well aware of this color nutrient. The majority of the apples are red in color. Tomatoes are used almost daily in every house. Watermelons, red peppers, etc. are also common uses. A specific ingredient prevents lycopene cancer.

Purple and bronze vegetables and fruits:

Blueberries, potatoes, eggplant, along with other vitamins, are very active antioxidants. They prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Specific sources of phytochemicals include proven grains, beans, soybeans, nuts with nuts, beetroot salads can have health benefits.

Coloring in your diet is not a difficult art at all. Add banana, grapefruit, dried juice to yogurt and porridge for breakfast throughout the week.

Try to extract fruit and vegetable juices at home. Add in mint or roasted juices of carrots, malt, apples and lemons to enhance your nutrition. The taste will look unique.


The benefits and nutrition of colorful salads outweigh them both, so why not order a salad of boiled rice or potato chips. Instead of chips, eat cucumber, carrot or corn grains (in popcorn or sand molded form). There will be no complaints of anemia and there will be energy.

If you do not like to eat fruit, make a smoothie. Enjoy the fun by adding your favorite fruit with milk or yogurt, and enjoy the energy.

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