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Is Depression A Physical Illness?


Friends nowadays the most important issue that people do not understand. That is depression – today we will talk in this article about the causes and treatment of depression. Today’s medical science has come to that conclusion. The effects of what a person thinks are impacting on a single cell in a human body. Some people will see that they do not look as fresh. The effects of your thinking on everything, such as eating, drinking, getting up, sitting, walking, are obvious. If your mind is not happy. Your brain is not healthy. Your brain is not powerful. Its effects will definitely affect everything you do. And if your brain is fresh. It has energy. The brain can affect your cells, even when you don’t want to.

Some signs of depression:

If you have stomach problems:

If your thinking is negative. You’re depressed. You’re hopeless. So that’s a sign. Your stomach will be bad too. If a human’s stomach is bad. So one of the reasons might be to find out. That he is not a depressed man.

What does sleep disturbance mean?

If you can’t sleep it means. Your anxiety has increased so much that your sleep has begun to disappear. Sleep deprivation is a sign of depression and hopelessness. But some people are depressed and fall asleep. There is a sign to be able to do that. He goes out to save himself. And he goes from one succession to another.

Suicidal thoughts:

Some people start thinking about suicide in depression. That means I have to die. I have no benefit in living. There is a survey in 2015 that shows that 8 million people commit suicide in one year. Because of depression. One suicide is taking place every 48 seconds in the world. What is causing depression – Today’s article is also an awareness. Nowhere is the person sitting next to you suffering from depression. And he is a patient but you are not paying attention. Sometimes depression patients do not even know that they are depressed.

Genetic depression:

Some people’s blood contains this thing. If someone in your adult population is depressed. Tell me one more thing. You will find some people who say that diabetes is a family disease. There will be people who will say that deaths in our family are caused by a heart attack. Sometimes living with mental illnesses or depression is also going on in your generation. That is, if there is a short gene by male and also a short gene by female, then this is a technical terminology. Having these two children who have 70 percent chance of having depression will be children with depression. Short gene is a long gene of one. There is a 30% chance of having children by their marriage. If both have long gene, then there is a tendency for depression not to happen.


If a wife has depression, if her husband says that I know you have depression in your genes. So the wife will say that you are telling my parents wrong. Some husbands’ style is like that. The way he says it sounds bad.

Lack of awareness:

Due to lack of genetics, there is no objection to these illnesses. It is a disease that is not addressed at all. If I were to say that, it would not be wrong for people not to consider it a disease.


Some principles of life should be clear. Life is in three parts. Is a ghost there is a situation. There is a future. The past is past. It does not come again. It is done. Look forward. It is the habit of looking beyond the past that normalizes human beings. Another source of depression is the future. Fear can make a person feel depressed.

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