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Is Guava good for diabetes?


Diabetes has become the fastest growing disease in the world. According to one survey, one out of every ten people has fallen prey to it. That’s the best way. Improve your lifestyle. If you have been suffering from this disease. So don’t worry, we will tell you the best versions of this article that you can easily get rid of.

How is guava an excellent fruit in diabetes?

Guava is a great source of vitamin C. Guava is also a great fruit for digestive problems. This fruit is very useful for diabetes patients. It gives your body natural insulin. Your sugar will always be in control. And diabetes patients can drink guava juice immediately after eating. This will make a significant difference in your diabetes. And by doing this for some time you will be saved from diabetes. Will also be found.

An excellent remedy of guava leaves:

Here are some of the things you’ll need in this remedy

  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Leaves of guava

Add the leaves of the guava and the Fenugreek seeds to the water. Stir well. Even a glass of water remains. Empty stomach. In the morning, give this water to the diabetes patient. It will be very helpful in the delivery of insulin.

Guava has its own nutritional status. According to experts, it is especially beneficial for diabetes patients. Sugar is a disease in which blood sugar increases to the desired level. Levels do not increase. Peanuts can be used as a medicine in many diseases along with flavored fruits. Due to the high amount of fiber in the guava, this prevents the sugar level from rising. It also relieves constipation from guava.

Its specialty is that it has much lower sugar than grapes, oranges and apples. It is a very low calorie fruit. Only 52 calories are obtained from 100 grams of guava.

What are the fruits other than guava that a diabetes patient can eat?

By the way, you can enjoy the fruits of every season in this disease too. But the condition is that you eat them moderately. Even sweet fruits like mango and grapefruit can be eaten in moderation. They tell you which fruits they are. Physicians recommend eating sugar. These fruits not only have a positive effect on human health, but they also help keep blood insulin levels up.


Diabetes patients must eat at least one grapefruit daily. It tastes delicious but it is very useful in diabetes.


Juice berry, Blueberry are both beneficial in diabetes. It is also an excellent antioxidant. It is also found in fiber and several types of vitamins. It has positive effects on health. You can eat three quarters of a cup of berries a day.


Watermelon is full of vitamins B and C. It also contains potassium and lycopene. Watermelon can meet your vitamin requirement if consumed in half.


Vitamin A and C are abundant in this fruit. This delicious fruit eliminates excess body fat. Besides peach contains potassium, it is often advised for diabetes patients to eat this fruit. Because of its use, sugar levels remain below.


Apricots are full of vitamin A and fiber. This is a great fruit for diabetes patients. By eating an apricot daily, diabetes patients can stay healthy.


Whenever you eat apples, eat wheels with them. Because the apple is rich in antioxidant properties, it also gets vitamin C and fiber from apples. It is very useful for digestive system.

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