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How can I reduce uric acid naturally?

The topic we are going to talk about in this article today. It is essential and very dangerous. The disease was previously restricted to the elderly only, but we see that the disease is now becoming more common in young people.

What is uric acid in simple terms?

First of all, it is a poisonous substance. Which is added to the blood, which the kidneys clear and expel through the urine?

What causes high uric acid levels in the body?

The most important reason for this is our lifestyle. Exercise has ended in our lives. And another important thing is our food. By which rice is now used in food, it is also an important cause of uric acid, not just in a balanced diet, Fast food also plays an important role in increasing uric acid.

Probably a few of you know this. Rice does not let humans get old. Already man dies. As chicken and meat are now being used, it also plays an important role in increasing uric acid.

Change your lifestyle:

First, change your lifestyle. Make it a habit to get up early in the morning, if you can’t do the exercise. So make it your routine to walk. A morning walk will not only save you from uric acid. Instead, you will be saved from many deadly diseases.

How can I reduce uric acid naturally? 

Cumin seeds:

First, you boil the water, put a Cumin in it, and cook the water thoroughly. Put some ginger in it, add lemon to it. If these three things start to fade, your uric acid will disappear in a few days as it never has. Anything that gets you more urine. Who reduces your uric acid. Toxins from your body will pass through the urine.


Exercise is also important because it removes many of the contaminants from your body through sweating.


Vinegar helps to expel Cartesian substances from our body, including uric acid. The malic acid contained in it helps to exclude uric acid. You should drink vinegar mix with water, it will help you to control uric acid


Vitamin C and alkaline is found in lemon. The lemonade apparently has acidic properties. Because vitamin C is very helpful to control uric acid. Drink the warm glass of water with squeezing half a lemon, which help you to controls uric acid. Honey or sugar will also be used for this drink. People who are patient of diabetes should use without sugar. This solution is very beneficial in the morning with salty mouths. Use it for at least four weeks.

Green Tea:

Be sure to use green tea after dinner daily. The use of green tea will also help you digest food. And not only this, but your uric acid will be at levels in a few days. Make sure to use green tea in your life.

Fiber benefits:

As per the research of University of Maryland Medical Center, foods that are rich in fiber content, they can controls uric acid. And fiber-rich foods include sprouts, oatmeal, barley, millet, apple, orange, pear, cucumber, carrot, and banana. These foods can help you to issue of constipation. Their food opens up the urine, and water the uric acid from the body.

Vegetable juices:

In people with diabetes, uric acid is more common in diabetics. And they do not eat a diet that controls uric acid. Those people who don’t like to eat fruit and vegetables in raw form, they can drink juice of these vegetables and fruits. These juices will also helpful to control sugar and uric acid of the body.

Cherry and Strawberry:

Cherry fruit contains an ingredient called anthocyanin. Which controls uric acid. Cherry and strawberry doesn’t allow uric acid to become the crystalline form. Because these crystals accumulate in the joints and cause pain. If you like our article, you must share it with your friends.

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