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Kidney Diseases’ Causes and Treatments

Half circle-shaped two organs are the glands. The eleventh rib is located on the right and left sides of the abdomen toward the abdomen. In each kidney, there are more than 1 million glandular nephrons or filters that send the urine through the ureters and drop them into the bladder.

What are the functions of the kidneys in the human body?

The kidneys do the same thing for a human body as a specialist accountant does for a company. During 24 hours, 1500 liters of blood passes through the kidneys, of which approximately 1,180 liters of urine is filtered out. The kidneys remove urine, which contains irregular substances and unnecessary substances. The kidney function can be viewed under the following headings.

(A) Extraction of irregular substances from the body:

Excretion of waste products

The collection contains whatever is injected through food or blood. The kidneys have a full calculation and arrange the drainage of the end products which are produced by the end products. Proteins are usually in our diet. Urea and creatinine are excreted in the urine from the kidney. If accumulated in the body, the human being cannot survive for a long time and gradually coma and sperm. Can go to

(B) Balancing water and nutrients in the body:

Water and Electrolytes Balance

The kidneys perform a vital role in keeping the balance of water and nutrients in the human body. These include potassium (K) phosphorus (Pou), calcium (G), sodium, etc. If the balance is disturbed as the kidney fails, then the amount of potassium and phosphorus is increased, which can cause human death. Also, the extraction of water from the body and if it is dehydrated is one of the essential functions of keeping water inside the body. If the kidneys do not maintain this balance of water, increasing the amount of water can collect water throughout the body, such as the lungs and the eyes. It causes swelling of the eyes and feet under the eyes and can also cause breathing problems.

(C) Hormone awakening for the body:

The kidneys awaken a type of hormone erythropoietin, which is crucial for the birth of blood in the body. If a hormone is not produced, anemia becomes anemia in the body. In addition, the kidneys play an essential role in the birth of vitamin D, which is very important for bone strengthening. Therefore, in the case of kidney failure, the body is deficient in calcium and bones weaken.

Causes of kidney failure:

There are several causes for this failure, but the following are the most important ones.

Kidney membrane inflammation:

There are about 10 million small filters in each kidney called Nephron. The part of the nerve that is called the glomerulus, where the blood is filtered, is the blood on one side and on the other side it has blood and urine, which eventually make the urine. In case of this membrane, the kidneys function properly. And slowly all the filters are damaged which makes urine impossible. If urine is irritable, it does not contain irregular substances that must be excreted from the body. It eliminates kidney failure and releases fat and blood into the urine, which is one of the first symptoms. This is called nephrotic syndrome.

-2 diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is the first problem of organ breakdown. Diabetes patients usually develop kidney failure after a period of 10 years to 20 years. Due to improper control of blood sugar, narrowing of the blood vessels is initiated and where the arteries are very small, such as the eye, the ‘brain’, the brain and the lungs do not reach the blood volume and they disappear. After that, the kidneys quit. Kidney Dialysis is done in 50% of us. Their kidneys are damaged by diabetes. Therefore, diabetes patients should keep their diabetes under proper control. So that the organ fibers are not damaged due to this.

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