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How to avoid hepatitis?

The use of drugs in jaundice should be avoided to the appropriate extent. Different medicines reach the liver from the gastrointestinal tract, and the liver makes them unusable. So, keep in mind that eating drugs in jaundice will cause unnecessary burden on the liver as it is already injured. If necessary, seek medication at the doctor’s advice.


The treatment of hepatitis B-1 is possible through its vaccine course. People who work in a hospital, a laboratory, blood bank, etc., must get the vaccine.

When someone has jaundice, keep them in a separate room. Healthy people should not use it. All the patient’s secretions, including urine, stool, saliva, etc., should be positioned appropriately. Clean hands thoroughly with soap and refrain from using them before and after touching the patient’s consumables.

  • The jaundice patient should avoid close relationships, such as physical mixing.
  • If anyone has a disease in the home, all healthy people should, if possible, get a hepatitis vaccine which can prevent the disease.
  • Improve household and surrounding sanitary conditions and sewerage management.
  • In case of an outbreak, use boiling water.
  • If ever a patient needs to have blood transfusions, be sure to check whether the blood has been tested for the presence of hepatitis B or other bacterial infections.
  • Keep eight food items covered. Visit barber shops at a minimum, as cuts from barber razors, scissors, etc. can also spread the disease pathogens to healthy people.

Hepatitis C Treatment and Precautions:

There is no word that hepatitis C is a dangerous disease, but there is no need to worry if you are ill. Millions of people in Pakistan are affected by the disease. More than 90% of them are living a healthy life because most people do not have the hepatitis C virus. Therefore, it is necessary first to be aware of coping with the disease and having the courage to overcome it.

It has often been observed that when people become infected with the disease, the so-called rulers and doctors go into the hands of the doctors who scare them first and then make new plays in the name of treatment. Someone gives a vaccine and a fake vaccine and a PM. Except for the slightest deficiency, the “sick liver” causes even more sickness, and thus, the disease engages the slave with all its catastrophes, and the patient’s suffering increases manifold.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid all these frauds. Consult a qualified doctor and do not climb into the hands of the wrong people. The following guideline is being provided to guide all Hepatitis C patients, following which they can live a healthy life.

  • Trust in God. Do not suffer from any anxiety or panic in case of illness. Think of it as just a common disease.
  • Commit to fighting linguistics and do not miss out on life routines.
  • Perform gingivitis C tests, such as PCR gene typing and liver tests, ultrasound, etc. from an authentic lab.
  • Hepatitis C is not an infectious disease. So, there is no harm in eating together and eating together.

Blood is the primary source of hepatitis C outbreaks. The affected syringe can also spread. Therefore, the needle should always be inserted with a new syringe. Besides, the infected person should keep his shaving equipment, toothbrush, paste, etc., because any cough or bruise may cause the virus to spread to a healthy person.

The patient should undergo liver function tests (especially ALT) every month.

There is more than a 70% chance that the disease will be cured by injecting the janitor person. These vaccines have some very harmful effects. There is no need to worry, but the choice of vaccines requires the use of low-cost local vaccines. There are many brands nowadays, and vaccines and capsules are available at a monthly cost of Rs. 5-4,000.

In addition to Zaps, the following home prescriptions are also useful for controlling hepatitis C disease and improving liver function.

Use it daily with radish leaves or squeeze the juice۔ Regular use of dessert and fennel for breakfast in the morning.

It can also be used by making solids of zamoli, flour, fennel, cinnamon, and glucose. The Yemeni Medical Welfare Center was used in several patients. This not only corrected their liver functions but also eliminated hepatitis C disease in some.

Use of Zip Hepacol syrups, tablets, and syrup is essential. Hepacol not only regulates the functions of the liver. Power builds up in the body. The virus is weakened and unable to cause further damage. Regular use of sorbet syrup reduces the number of platelets in the blood that is diminished in hepatitis C.

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