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Three signs of fitness – sleep, food and workout

Another essential thing for health and fitness is a balanced diet. Eat on time, eat less, focus on the ingredients rather than the delights, keep switching to the menu. All of these are included in a balanced diet.

People born in the pre-80’s birth group are fortunate to find many foods free from blending. Every child received milk, even if it was water, to drink.

Fish use was common. Indigenous chickens were also easily found. Fruits and vegetables were pure. The meat was out of reach, and the poor laborer’s children ate twice a month. Buffaloes were not vaccinated, or chemicals were not added to the milk. Vegetables did not grow on dirty water. Etc. Etc.

  • Now the kids are lucky enough to get milk for dinner or have meat and fish available. Because milk, on the one hand, is not pure, on the other, people’s finances are not such that they can afford “luxuries” like milk. Children no longer eat all kinds of vegetables. You hear the name of the fish; they raise their nose. However, fish is significant in human food.
  • Now, most of the ‘junk food’ has become customary in the name of fast food. Nutrition has become secondary, while taste has become the top priority. The chatter of the market has made the mouth so luxurious that the simple home-cooked things no longer look good. Even though we, who are deprived of food at home due to poor patronage, always thank God every time we eat homemade lentils and vegetables.
  • These things give us more pleasure than meat and poultry. Various flavors and cuticle spices have come into the market under different names — those who enjoy the language but keep the stomach intact.
  • Bloody hemorrhoids and gastric ulcers have become commonplace due to these spices. I forbid my family to cook what they cook with normal hot spices. These are packets like quorum spices, biryani spices, pia spices, etc., do not come to our house anymore.
  • It also includes a balanced diet that will allow you to change years. Sometimes meat, sometimes vegetables, sometimes fish. Children often do not eat vegetables, make it a habit for them from childhood to eat everything cooked at home. Thus they will find all the types of vitamins and proteins that are divided into different things by nature, and there will be no deficiency in the body.
  • Eating less and giving up a little appetite is also part of a balanced diet. Eating three times a day is a burden, especially for those who do not work hard but work in the office. They should have breakfast, skip lunch, or eat very lightly and then eat dinner. If there is no food for the day, then there will be a severe hunger in the West, and this is the best time for dinner. If dinner is eaten in the West, then going to bed will be digested. But if eaten after dusk or shortly before bedtime, then it must take two to three hours to understand it.
  • It is better to eat a little at a time than to overeat at once. Foods can be served with juices, fruit, or roasted chickpeas. Avoid chips, dumplings, samosas, biscuits, sandwiches, etc. as much as possible so that they will fill the stomach but will not provide nutrition.
  • People who eat less because of fear of weight gain and do not give their body full food are oppressing themselves although the weight problem should be controlled not by eating less but by exercising or exercising.

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