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How to stay healthy and fit some tips

Three signs of fitness – sleep, diet and exercise

How many of you have friends who know that our own health and fitness is the key to our successes, failures, comfort and discomfort in life? An unhealthy body and a tired mind can only survive in the world, but no major accomplishment can be achieved.

Our health, hard work, determination and devotion have the potential to make the forest a happy place. Therefore, hearing from childhood that fitness is a thousand blessings.

Well, then how to get healthy? The answer is that it comes from three things.

First: proper rest

Second: a balanced diet

Third: Chronic (Exercise)

The person who takes care of these three things will never come near him.


First, we get to sleep. They say that a healthy person should get eight hours of sleep in twenty-four hours. It is more sluggish and less a symptom of weakness and illness. But tell the truth, do we really sleep eight hours in twenty-four hours?

There are number of reasons for this. Of these, mobile phone packages, the Internet, TVs, etc. are the most important. After the invention of electricity, so many things of interest have been invented that to ask the truth now, man does not want to sleep. The faster the lights and the lights, the fading stars and galaxies in the dark sky from our eyes have transformed night and day into night. When we were young and there was no electricity in the village, we often used to go to sleep before Ishan prayer. Then Dad used to forcefully offer Ishan prayers, which used to be in a semi-humble state. It was as if someone had woken up at midnight. This is why when waking up in the morning, waking up as if there were rings in my body.

The usual life

In large cities, the routines of human beings have changed drastically. Now the markets and bazaars open with the call of Zahira and people go to the family at twelve o’clock at night to visit relatives and loved ones. It’s all unnatural and hurtful. Especially for those who want to sleep on time and get up on time. This kind of non-partisan lifestyle has also greatly affected people’s health. The body may be refreshed by getting some sleep, but the mind is tired of the constant lack of rest. And the tired mind does not work.

In Europe and the UAE, where nights are awake, we have seen markets and offices open on time. There’s no delay of ten minutes. Most government offices open at 8:00 am and if you leave for work there, it never happens that ‘sir’ has not arrived yet. Or go to a shop in the market, it never happens that the shop is closed.

The example of China

During a trip to China outside Shenzhen City at eight o’clock in the morning, I noticed that people were being punished. I wondered where so many buyers had come in the morning when the market had not yet opened. That number was in the hundreds. Upon inquiry, it was found that the market would open fifteen minutes later. It is not the customers who are seeing the crowd but the employees working in the shops inside the market, waiting for the market gate to open so that they can arrive on duty without delay of one minute. Delays include deductions from their salaries. This was the case with most offices. Whose closing hour was five o’clock in the evening. By five o’clock, people seemed to be coming out of every building like a lunatic. Then some of the suburbs turned to railways (metro) and buses, etc. Some young couples would go and talk on the wide footpaths.


The bottom line is that you will see all the big people, who have done some work in the world, that they care about their sleep. If you also want to be successful in life-long running marathons, you need to get your sleep back in first.

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