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How exercise change mental health and how to prevent disease

Exercise, Frequency, and Exercise – Take whatever word you like. Exercise is just as crucial for mental and physical health as diet and diet. If we do not value it as much as sleep and food, then it means that we are inviting illness and old age to be invasive on our own. For millions of people, and especially in our society, it is not considered a ‘work.’ However, this is the task that most people in the developed world value most. This is why you will find a ‘big’ gym in the streets of Dubai, where people of all ages will find different types of exercise.

  • Exercise is essential not only for the body but also for the brain. But it should be something that will make your breathing, heartbeat faster and sweaty. It should be done daily, but if time is not available, then one day will be gone. The best way to exercise is to play a game that interests you. (If cricket is your favorite sport, I don’t like it for exercise). Soccer, hockey, basketball, lawn tennis, racing, swimming, etc. are the most effective sports. If for some reason, the doctor forbids running, then walking is just fine, but it is not true that a person should not play or exercise.
  • Unfortunately, we have a lack of playgrounds and parks at the community level and their condition is inexcusable. But it’s your job to find a place to play or work out, just like you find a restaurant when you’re hungry.
  • Pedal cycling is also a great exercise. If there is no playground, take a bicycle and run for half an hour in the evening or the morning. I have seen many whites cycling to Dubai.
  • If you can’t play games on the field you can do different exercises in your room for fifteen to twenty minutes. These include waist exercises, sticks and jumps or jumps all day. You will also find sets of exercises like this on the Internet. This is a wonderful thing, the effects of which will start to appear in three to four days. Fifteen to twenty minutes is enough for that. But early in the morning, empty stomach.
  • In this regard, our women are very unlucky not to have a separate sporting or exercise field. Houses are small and narrow. Often there is no privacy due to the Joint Family system which makes it difficult for them to access any of the houses. This is why they are often prone to digestive disorders and weight gain. Then they try to control the thing with medicines, supplements and low food which makes them less stressed. So, women should do their homework as much as they can, rather than having sex. This is not a race for the status quo but for their own health. Homework is a blessing for women who do not get the chance to play or exercise. There is also an indoor cycle which does not have wheels and just pedals. Women can place it in one corner of their room and sit on it without exercising for cycling, which not only dissolves excess abdominal fat but also strengthens hands and feet and body muscles.
  • Because of the fear of weight gain, it would be better for women to make exercise routine in their own room instead of low food. Low food will eventually weaken them and make them immune to the immune system. Different sets of exercises and exercises are available on the net. There are lessons to be learned.
  • There is no special time for exercise or exercise. It’s better in the morning, but if for some reason morning time is not available then it can be done at any time of the day. But this process is chronic, not for a couple of months, which should be part of your life like diet and diet.

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