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Common Causes of Men’s Hair Loss

Often people do not know what to do and where to go when beautiful hair begins to fall like a dry leaf. In such a case, when a particular oil is rubbed in the head, one can afford expensive pills, but less attention is paid to the underlying causes that are the leading cause of hair fall.

Scientists say that two of the most important causes of hair fall are thyroid hormone deficiency and iron deficiency, and the problem of hair fall can be solved by solving these two problems. The thyroid is a gland located in the front of the neck that produces the thyroid hormone. This hormone deficiency causes hair loss. If you consult a reasonable health care provider, it can detect thyroid hormone deficiency and may also prescribe medication or supplements to remedy this deficiency.

Iron deficiency is another important cause of hair fall. To avoid iron deficiency, you must use red meat, green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, as well as fish and parsley. Some minerals, like iron, are essential for hair health. Zinc, iodine, and selenium are essential. They should be achieved through a diet or otherwise with food supplements.

It’s included in your jeans.

The reason why hair disappears in the shape of a circle between men is that in fact, this U-type resonance is part of many men’s genes. This is not due to stress, but solely to genetic causes and the family. The most effective treatment for this type of gene congestion is some medicines that can be taken at the advice of a doctor and prevent hair loss in 90% of men.

You are getting older.

Unfortunately, we are not able to fight in this case, both men and women experience mild hair loss as they grow older, and hair growth begins to slow and thicken after 30 years of age. There are also medicines available today, lotion and hair transplant options available to prevent it, and therapists can help you with any of these options.

Your diet is not suitable.

Like every other part of the body, hair needs nutrition to grow and stay healthy, sudden weight loss, low iron levels, or poor diet can cause hair fall, but it is often temporarily. Is. The solution lies in a healthy and balanced diet that includes protein, iron, zinc, etc.

Too much mental stress

Excessive stress causes the hair to fall short, but it also affects the hair type. However, as the effects of stress on the hair, they suddenly become too thin. The solution is to remove stress-causing causes from life, but if that is not possible, normalizing mindfulness-enhancing exercises and exercise can be beneficial.

Tie the hair very tightly

If you have long hair and you tie them tightly to something, it also damages the roots of the hair as well as accelerates the journey towards baldness. The solution is to avoid hair loss and apply shampoo and conditioner to moisturize the skin.

Stay away from shampoo.

The shampoo is essential for the health of the head and hair, skin on the head and normalizing the use of shampoo ensures hair growth while reducing hair fall, but the question is how often the hair is shampoo. Should I wash it? It depends on each person having different or irritated hair, but on average every other day, the head should be cleaned, not doing so, oil and pollution begin to accumulate in the head, resulting in the problem of nausea and dryness. That affect hair growth.

Too much use of shampoo

If people with dry or delicate hair use more shampoo, they will break the hair; such people should wash their hair less because they are more likely to break down, for those who have moisturizing skin shampoo and conditioner. Can reduce it.

Make the hair tightly.

Whatever you do with the hair, it should be gentle, combing more aggressively, washing with shampoo or applying gel can cause the hair to fall faster.

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