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Breast cancer symptom and cure

Breast cancer is also commonly referred to as breast cancer. In this type of cancer, the cancer cells are born in the cells of the breast. The breast is a gland and muscle composed of a combination of soft tissue and beautiful vessels. Each cell then contains more small limbs, called fibs.. blobs, these fissures are then met with small bubble-like organs. The nipple is transported to the nipple. In addition to this basic structure, blood vessels and arteries in the breast are most abundant. Is called the aortic drains. These drains carry the ovum or (lymph) to the uterine cysts. The ebony wombs are tiny false-like organisms that are found everywhere in the body.

Diabetes is a must, but if the diagnosis is timely, it can be cured and treated. According to experts, most women do not realize that they are undergoing astonishing changes because of their risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is now a leading cause of female cancer in the world. The disease was most commonly found in women between the ages of fifty and sixty, but now younger women also suffer from this disease very rapidly. Women with breast cancer are not only found in underdeveloped and developing countries, but surprisingly, women in developing countries are more prone to the disease.

Is Breast Cancer common in woman:

Breast cancer is becoming more common in women all over the world. Cases of breast cancer are increasing, especially in developing countries as the average age is now growing, people are living in cities and adopting a western lifestyle. According to a study on why breast cancer occurs, there are many causes, including prolonged menstrual periods and preterm birth, mainly because the estrogen hormone in the body can be dangerous. Mothers who breastfeed children are more secure than breast cancer.

Experts say that like every other disease, there are some obvious and common symptoms of breast cancer, which indicate that the condition is beginning to develop. The situation usually involves constant pain in the bones, joints, other body parts, and head of women. Weight gain and waistline begin to spread. There is a clear difference between the sides of the two breasts — dimples on the skin around the chest and wrinkles on the skin. Scars like scars are produced on the skin around the arms and breasts, and they start to get dirty. Research suggests that most breast cancer patients require surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormone replacement therapy.

Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells but also has many harmful and dangerous effects. Now extraordinary research has shown that many patients do not need chemotherapy; they can live a good and healthy life without it. But not all breast cancer patients fall into this category. Breast cancer does not come. If certain conditions are met and the disease is in the early stages, there is a test that can tell if chemotherapy should be performed.

This test is called ‘onco-type DX,’ and it basically determines the chances of recurrence of cancer or how much cancer is ‘Agresso’ or dangerous but it is a costly test and cost around Rs 3 lakh. I happen

The second major study is currently undergoing testing. It receives cells from the patient’s body that try to destroy cancer cells. It is part of the natural immune system. If the immune system is successful, the disease is controlled or eliminated. Scientists removed these cells and tested them in the lab and then put them back in the body. Breast cancer in India is still less than in the developed world, but the difference is that it is detected when the disease has progressed. And that makes treatment difficult. According to a report by the Indian Council of Medical Research, in 2012, sixteen million women worldwide had breast cancer. In India, about one lakh forty thousand every year.

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