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Do you have cancer If anyone asked this question, how would you answer it?

Yes, this is something we doctors can tell, but do you know that 70 to 80 percent of people neglect the main signs of cancer hazard?

Cancer is no longer a curable disease, but its treatment must be unbearable, while no drug at a particular stage is useful.

Many symptoms of cancer occur in various stages of the disease.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer report last year revealed that an estimated 81 million new cancer cases had emerged worldwide in 2018, with a potential death toll of 96 million patients.

The rise in mortality is due to population growth and old age, the health of nations in developing countries, and the risky traditional mortgage of the people associated with the major economies.

However, if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, treatment is available, and complete remission is entirely possible.

So here are some of the earliest symptoms of cancer that commonly occur in various forms of this disease.

Changes in skin

A new mark on the surface or a change in its volume, texture or complexion can be a sign of skin cancer; another sign is that the scars may be quite different from other injuries in the body if any unusual markings appear. So get a doctor checked up.

Cough every time

If you do not smoke, there is very little chance that persistent coughing can be a sign of cancer, often it can be the result of asthma, stomach acidity or infection, even if it does not subside within a few days or cough. Blood starts to flow, especially if you smoke, consult your doctor immediately.

Changes in the breast

Breast cancer is prevalent in women, but often changes in the breast are not a sign of cancer, but it is still essential to consult a doctor and get a checkup done, any gland, headache, pain or other changes. Can cause anxiety.


It can also be a result of diet or stress if you have a flatulence or gas complaint, but if it does not improve or you suffer from fatigue, weight loss, or even a headache, you should check it out. , Especially women because it can be a sign of cancer.

Problems during urination

Most men experience problems with urination as they age, such as excessive washroom dilatation, lactation or other, usually it is a bladder disorder but can also be bladder cancer. Only the doctor can tell after the test.

Inflammation of lymph nodes

They occur in the gland neck, armpits and various parts of the body in the form of small seeds, when they are inflamed, they often cause infections such as nausea or sore throat, but multiple types of cancer such as leukemia. And lymphatic diseases also cause this swelling, and it is essential to consult a doctor in this regard.

Bleeding using the toilet

If you see blood in the washroom during the drainage, it is a good idea to consult a doctor, which may be a symptom of another disease but also a possibility of bowel cancer, urine bleeding. There may be a problem with the infection, but it is also a sign of kidney or bladder cancer.

Difficult to swallow things

It can be difficult to consume things as a result of diarrhea, gastric acid or drug use, but if the situation does not improve over time or with the use of drugs, you should consult a doctor, swallowing things can be a sign of throat cancer. Or it can be colon cancer between the mouth and stomach.

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