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How to lose weight naturally at home

Key points:

  • The safest amount of weight to lose per week is between 1 and 2 pounds.
  • Create healthy habits for long term results.
  • Keep track of your goals so you can see the progress


Naturally losing weight is healthy and safest -but time taking way.

Many people don’t have any information regarding losing weight, and they end up doing taking diet drugs, or other weight loss products.

Push yourself for a healthy diet, exercise routine, and small lifestyle change. You will start seeing the result in the long term. These factors can contribute to weight loss healthy and safely.

Here are some tips for losing weight naturally.


  1. Write down your meal plans:

Plan your meal, what you should eat in the morning, lunch and dinner. All should be preplan and healthy according to the nutrition point of view. Try to eat every fruit and vegetable as every food contain different vitamins and minerals.

Write down your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks meals for a week or even for a month. This will help you to be a focus on meals, and you may not be tempting for junk or high calories food.

Tip:  In snack, eat protein and a fruit or a vegetable.

  1. Monitor your portion sizes:

Count your per day calories, stop limiting the food groups, or restrict to certain kinds of meals as this is not a healthy way of losing weight. Eat all food and measure your portions and take a meal at regular intervals.

Measuring your calories help you to cut down extra calories.

Do it with measuring cups or spoons as they will give you an exact ratio.

Tip: Don’t skip any food group.

  1. Take a balanced diet:

Taking a balanced diet means you are eating all the nutrients that are needed for your body. Consume the recommended servings from every food group. This will help you to fulfill your protein and nutrients requirements in the body.

Tip: You need every kind of nutrient, so eat well.

  1. Fulfill the daily requirement of protein:

Protein is an essential ingredient of every meal. Proteins help you to feel satisfied, which will help you with weight loss.

Include protein at every meal minimum it should be included in your breakfast and dinner like eggs, beef, dairy products, fish, etc.

Tip: Eat protein, especially in breakfast and at dinner time.

  1. Drink water:

It is recommended to drink 8-13 glasses of water to stay energetic. Stick to healthy drinks, sugar-free and detox water and Skip soda or carbonated beverages or sports drinks.

Drink water also helps you in removing toxins from your body and help you to remain active, and less crave for unhealthy drinks or meals.

Tip: Drinking water helps in boosting your energy.

  1. Eat dark chocolate:

Don’t punish your body by near eating any sweets, and you can opt for dark chocolate. Losing weight doesn’t mean to stop eating certain foods. Include your favorite meals, but in moderation. Try to eat them once in a week and frequently eat less. If you eat a meal that is high in calories, then the next meal should be less fatty and low calories, or in the second option, you can do the gym a little bit harder.

Tip: Dark chocolate helps you to deal with unnecessary cravings.

  1. Add veggies and fruits:

Vegetables and fruits will provide you almost every nutrient which your body needs to. Although both have fewer calories, it is still recommended to measure the quantity. The best time to eat veggies and fruits is in lunch or snack.

Tip: Your body is getting all type of nutrients if you are consuming veggies and fruits


You can’t lose weight in a single day- Plan for it, write down all essential points and strict to them.

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