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Vanity URLs Importance on Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is a great social media channel to promote any brand, firm or company. It allows its fan page admins create their own personal vanity URLs for their fan pages in the form of facebook.com/id. That address changes the much longer URL the page initially began with when the admin made it. Pretending a Facebook fan page username is free of cost, but when a page username is selected, it’s set for forever.
1). Instant Identification
When you select a username for a fan page, the web address for your page turns into facebook.com/username, in which username is perfectly the name of your brand, company or other individual. This assists people who previously have knowledge about your presence be familiar with your Facebook fan page.
2). Easy Remembrance
Facebook fan pages that don’t have user names have URLs that consist of normally at least a few dozen lettering more than fan pages that perform have a username. Such a much longer URL is hard to recall. If your fan page has a username, individuals are more probable to remember how they may find you on Facebook.
3). Print Movability
A Facebook fan page URL that consists of a username instead of a longer string of numbers, letters and symbols may fit more effortlessly on a letterhead, business card, marketing collateral, advertising copy or other print media. Additionally, such a URL is easy to read at a glimpse.
4). Business Individuality
Claiming a fan page username that exactly matches your business name assists cement your business identity around both online and offline scenes. Usernames may only be made once and are not movable. The sooner you profess a page username, the more outlandishly another person will get it out from under you and fail your brand.

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