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Steps to Put a YouTube Channel to a Facebook Business Page

The most ideal approach to advertise your business is to broaden, particularly with regards to online marketing. Making a YouTube channel to a Facebook business page permits you to utilize the force of feature and social media marketing. While the sorts of individuals you appeal in to your YouTube channel might be the same as those you pull in to your Facebook business page, they might not know you’ve a Facebook page. Adding a link to your FB page on your YouTube channel offers you an approach to link those clients with just one click of mouse.
Step 1:-
Log-in to your YouTube ID. Click your user name at the top right edge of any YouTube page and choosing “Channel.” Open up another window in your web browser and visit your Facebook business page.
Step 2:-
Tap the blue “Edit” button next to “Profile” tab on the left-hand side of your YouTube channel page.
Step 3:-
Click the check box next to “site” if a check mark is not show. Connect with your Facebook business page. Emphasize the page address, right-click and choose “Copy” from the drop-down menu.
Step 4:-
Go back to your YouTube channel. Press the “Website Address” bar, right-click the bar and choose “Paste” or press CTRL+V keys. Your Facebook business page URL will show up in the bar. Press “Save Changes” button at the lowermost of the “Profile” part on your YouTube channel page. When clients go to your channel, they may click your site link to visit your Facebook business page.
Step 5:-
That’s all. You have successfully link a YouTube Channel to your Facebook Business Page.

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