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Steps to Add Facebook Markup Language to WordPress Site

Facebook provide a developer’s section to their site that webmasters or bloggers can use to add Facebook feature on their own website. This can be as easy as integrating a “Like” button to a post so that users may share it with their Facebook buddies, to complex social media websites that users may log into with their Facebook ID. Once you’ve the code for your Facebook app, it may be pasted into your WordPress themes to incorporate it with your website.
Log In
Log in to your WordPress website by visiting yourblogname.com/wp-admin and entering your username and password.
Access the WordPress Themes
Go to main menu and click on “Appearance” on the left side of screen and afterward click “Editor”.Search via the list of theme files on the right-side of the window and click the one that oversees the section of the website to which you need to integrate the Facebook code.
Make Backups
Before creating any changes to your WordPress theme files, always backup the present code. In this way, if an error is done during the procedure, you can easily replace your back up version to bring back your website to its original condition. Copy the code from the center of editing window and paste it into a text editor box. Afterward save this file to your system.
Include the Code
Span through the record in the mid of the window, and click at the point in the document that you need the Facebook app to be placed. Paste the Facebook app code into this place. Click “Update File” tab at the bottom of the screen, just beneath the section showing the code. Do again the same procedure until you’ve integrated all the Facebook app code to your WordPress website, in the accurate places.

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