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Best Tips Free How To Hide Age On Facebook

In spite of the fact that its charming to get notification from friends and family members on your birthday, you might not have any desire to share your age with entire world. FB has tended to protection concerns by issuing you the choice to show or shroud individual information, for example, your date of birth. You hide your year of birth by altering your Facebook Profile and editing protection settings alongside your birthday. Notwithstanding hiding your age from other Facebook clients, you must change settings identified with application use, as recreation and other apps get to your own data.

Step 1:-

Sign in with your Facebook account.
Step 2:-
Tap your account name on the upper-right corner of of the window.
Step 3:-
Click on “Update Info” tab at the near the bottom-right corner of your Cover pic, which is the bid, wide photo at the top of your Timeline.
Step 4:-
Now tap the “Edit” tab in the middle column in the “Basic Info” section. Facebook shows a small dialog box of options.
Step 5:-
Tap the pull-down menu immediately below your birthday details. Pick the option, “Do not show my age on my timeline.” Scroll-down to the lowermost of Basic Info section and press “Save” button to store the changes.
Step 6:-
Scroll-down the page u p till you view “Apps & Websites” nearby the center of the window.
Step 7:-
Locate the segment, “How individuals bring your information to applications they use” nearby the middle left-side of the “Edit Settings” page.
Step 8:-
Click the small check box alongside “Birthday” to un-select it. This stops away Facebook apps from getting into your birthday.
Step 9:-
At the end press “Save Changes” button to save the changes.

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